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Discover Our Wide Range of Orthopedic Braces for Pain Relief

Here is a showcase of our most recommended products. One of these Orthopedic Braces will be right for you. Call our Memphis store at 901-440-8339, or our Germantown location at 901-759-1919 to discuss what would be right for you. Or simply come into the store physically (check out our Locations page) and we’ll be happy to help!

Ovation Versa Fit Wrist Splint

Comfortable design and materials for patient compliance. Thin web space for patient comfort. Comfortably Immobilizes the wrist while allowing full motion of hand and fingers. Allows for 90° MP range of motion. Wide thumb hole for unimpeded web motion and pinching.​

Ovation Pneumatic Walking Boot
Ovation Pneumatic Walking Boot

Its brilliantly simple. Gen 2’s ergonomic pump and integrated single push-button release eliminate the outdated twist valve inflation bulb system.

Furthermore, the new patient-friendly pump is contoured and re-positioned to eliminate the pressure and discomfort associated with typical pneumatic walking boots. This amazing new System has rendered every other pneumatic pump obsolete.

The Game Changer

Premium Universal Osteoarthritis Knee Brace. Offers superior relief for osteoarthritic pain.

Ovation Knee Brace with Anterior Closure

Front contact closures allow for hassle-free application. Anterior wraparound style accommodates all leg shape variations. Available in 1/8″ black neoprene from SM to 4XL.

Ovation LSO

Firm compressive lumbar pad provides optimum support. Quality materials increase breathability and enhance comfort. Overlapping double pull strap design provides lumbar and abdominal support.

Ovation Lace-Up Ankle Support

Fits easily into a shoe. Provides compression and comfort. Low-profile figure-8 heel lock control supination and pronation.

Abdominal binders
Abdominal binders

Abdominal binders help to support and compress the abdominal area, providing relief for post-surgical incisions, hernias, or weak abdominal muscles.

Lumbar supports

Lumbar supports help to relieve lower back pain and provide support to the lumbar spine. They are ideal for individuals with back strains, sprains, or disc herniations.

Cervical Collar

Cervical collars provide support and immobilization for the neck, which is essential for individuals recovering from a neck injury, whiplash, or cervical spine surgery.

Arm sling

Arm slings are designed to support and immobilize the arm following an injury, surgery, or fracture. They help to promote healing and prevent further damage.

Post op shoes

Post op shoes provide support and protection for the foot and ankle following surgery. They are designed to accommodate bandages and dressings while allowing for proper healing.

Hand wrist immobilizer

Hand wrist immobilizers provide support and immobilization to the wrist, hand, and fingers following an injury or surgery. They help to promote healing and prevent further damage.

Ice-it packs

Ice-it packs provide cold therapy to reduce pain and swelling following an injury or surgery. They are ideal for individuals with acute injuries, such as sprains, strains, or bruises.

Integrity home medical
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At Integrity Home Medical, we view every medical equipment company as a friendly competitor.  Our goal is not to drive anyone out of business or spread negative gossip about other equipment companies.  There is plenty of business and plenty of customers to sustain plenty of medical equipment providers in this city.  We are all stronger as businesses and more helpful to customers when we work together.

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