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Get Moving with A Knee Scooters

Knee scooters are a substitute for crutches for people with foot or ankle injuries.  Most people find them easier & safer to use than crutches.  We do not sell knee scooters, only rent them by the week.  For many customers, renting this item is quicker and easier than purchasing one… plus you won’t trip over it in your garage for years to come. 

Ice Therapy Machines

Ice Therapy Machines are often only needed for a temporary period of time. Integrity Home Medical offers Ice Machines for Rent. Our Ice Therapy Machine with Pad is quiet and compact, providing ice cold therapy that is perfect for post surgery. Designed to reduce pain, swelling and stiffness, you can easily adjust the flow and timer settings directly on the machine. A contoured pad is included with 3 adjustable straps to fasten anywhere on your body to keep the pad in place.

Memory Foam Knee Walker Pad

Distributes pressure evenly and retains shape all day.

Nova Leg Cast Protector

The Leg Cast Protector keeps water from casts or bandages when showering or bathing. It has a reusable long plastic cast and bandage protector with a 6″ diameter. The plastic ring and diaphragm create a tight seal that prevents water from entering inside.

Integrity home medical
Finding Solutions

The medical equipment and supply industry is so large with so many categories of products, we simply cannot carry everything or be in every insurance network or deliver to every location.  If we cannot provide the product to a customer we try not to send them away empty-handed. When possible we will point every customer toward a possible solution for their needs whether it’s one of our friendly competitors or online. 

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