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AirFit N30i Nasal CPAP Mask

The ResMed AirFit™ N30i Nasal CPAP Mask is an exceptionally quiet and comfortable mask, registering at just 24 decibels, making it ideal for light, active, side, and stomach sleepers, as well as those who are claustrophobic. This innovative mask features a secure seal with minimal bulk, a lightweight hollow frame with fewer facial touchpoints, and a top-mounted hose connection for added convenience. The curved nasal cradle ensures seal stability and comfort, while the hollow frame design allows for air to flow freely, reducing facial markings. The mask’s springfit frame adapts to different face shapes with a built-in notching system, providing a personalized fit.

Designed with active sleepers in mind, the AirFit N30i has a 360-degree hose connection swivel for greater freedom of movement. Custom sizing options are available with the Starter Pack, including standard or small frames and small, medium, and small-wide cushion sizes. The N30i frame is also interchangeable with the AirFit™ P30i Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask. Fabric wraps are available to provide added comfort and reduce irritation or red marks. Each AirFit N30i package includes a frame in the selected size with elbow, small, medium, and small-wide cushions, and headgear.