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Rental Knee Scooters

Knee scooters can be used as a great substitute for crutches when you have a foot or ankle injury.  Crutches require a bit of athleticism and balance that some may find difficult.  They can also be painful under the arms after a few days.  Knee scooters are easy to use for people of almost any age and will help with a speedy recovery.  We rent them for $25 per week.  We do not sell them. Our model has a 350lb weight capacity.  Medicare does not pay for these, however we may be able to engage Blue Cross Blue Shield if that is your insurance. Unfortunately knee scooters do not work with knee injuries. 

Other items we carry that you might need with a foot or ankle injury:  waterproof cast protectors, extra comfort pads to go on the knee scooter, shower chair, crutch comfort pads, elevated toilet riser.