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Elara Lift Chair

Introducing the Elara, a sleek and stylish power recliner from Golden Technology’s new DeLuna Series, featuring an elegant seamed back design for a contemporary look. Available in two luxurious fabrics and washable vinyl, this full chaise lounge recliner ensures comfort from head to toe. The Elara is easy to operate with an adjustable headrest and a simple 2-button hand control. It also includes a battery backup for power outages and a handy USB port for device charging. Offered in two sizes with a seat width of either 21″ or 23″, the Elara accommodates most individuals and is available in three upholstery options

We don’t know of any health insurance plan that pays the whole price on a lift chair (E0627), but depending on your plan, many insurances will make a one-time partial payment of $200-$300 toward the purchase price. You can purchase the lift chair of your choice then have any physician or nurse practitioner fax us (901-759-4119):

1. A prescription for a “Lift Chair.”
2. “Clinical visit notes” from your patient chart. They must write a sentence or two explaining the need for a lift chair because of a neuromuscular problem, or severe arthritis of the hips or knees that prevents you from standing from a typical chair.

We will then send a bill to Medicare and ask them to send payment directly to you. It takes about 2-3 weeks after we send that bill to them for your payment to show up either as a paper check or an electronic deposit. However, do not wait for the medical paperwork, come in today and try out our chairs and find the one you love. We can get the ball rolling so you can get your chair faster.”