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Drive DeVilbiss 525 Stationary Concentrator‚Äč

Introducing the DeVilbiss 5 Liter Home Oxygen Concentrator, a modern and minimalistic addition to your home that combines performance, ease of operation, and safety. This space-saving stationary concentrator incorporates over 70% of the internal components from the 303 and 515A DeVilbiss models, resulting in less maintenance and repairs.

Renowned for its durability, the DeVilbiss 525 features patented Turn-Down Technology that reduces wear-and-tear on internal parts while cutting power usage by 15% or more, ensuring long-term reliability. A pressure-relief valve protects the machine’s internal components, while a protected cannula fitting and a recessed humidifier nook prevent damage during movement throughout your home.

Safety is paramount with the DeVilbiss Oxygen Sensing Device (OSD) that monitors the oxygen produced, and a lockable flow meter allows for customizable oxygen delivery rates. Audible alarms alert users to potential issues without needing batteries, reducing maintenance.

The convenient design of the DeVilbiss 525, weighing just 36 pounds, makes storage and operation easy, featuring user controls on an accessible panel and a quiet operation at only 48 decibels.