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Integrity home medical
Walkers and Canes for Your Mobility Needs

Here is a showcase of our most recommended products. We have a variety of walkers and canes for all your mobility needs. Call our Memphis store at 901-440-8339, or our Germantown location at 901-759-1919 to discuss what would be right for you. Or simply come into the store physically (check out our Locations page) and we’ll be happy to help!

Standard Walkers

Ez Fold Walkers

Side (hemi) walkers

Standard Rollators

Lifestyle 812 Rollator

Nitro Rollator

Upright Rollators

Ustep Walker

Extra Wide Rollator

Walker Accessories

Walker bags

cup holders




Replacement wheels


Single point canes

Quad Canes

Folding canes

Replacement cane tips

Quad tips

Heavy Duty canes

Integrity home medical
Product Choices

At Integrity Home Medical, we like to offer multiple equipment choices in each product category.  Sometimes this is referred to as “good, better & best” options. With most medical equipment companies working out of warehouses with limited equipment choices, it can be refreshing to walk into a store and explore options and see what a little more money might get you.

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The experts at Integrity Home Medical are ready to answer any questions you may have about our products and services.